A New Way of Buying Cars From minivans to Maseratis, we make the magic happen.
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Change is Here

Our revolutionary new service saves time and allows you to:

-Bypass the trip to the dealer.

-Buy Securely from a nationwide dealer, while in your own home, or anywhere.

-Relax: From California to Florida and everywhere in between, we deliver to your door.


How Do We Get Exactly What You Want?

Magic and mojo – the ingredients of our one-of-a-kind service, unlike any other car buying experience.

We Take Your Order
First, your Concierge takes your personalized order, much like what you’re used to at a nice restaurant. They don’t offer stale food, and we don’t offer stale inventory.
We Search Nationwide
We don’t believe in forcing you to buy stale inventory that we want to sell. We have deep automotive knowledge as a nationwide dealer, not just fancy degrees and a tech-startup idea. Our unmatched technology and network as a trusted dealer allow us to find and deliver your car, the way you ordered it.
We Prepare Your Order
Then, your Concierge (an overeducated car nerd, not a pushy salesperson) expertly prepares your order through amazing technology and a bit of magic and mojo.
Where Does Your Car Come From?

New cars come from the factory and Pre-Owned cars come from three main channels:

Dealer Auctions
The main way dealers get their cars. These take place all across the country every day, and millions of pre-owned vehicles are bought and sold every year. Our Sourcing Sorcerers™ work directly with your Concierge and are unmatched nationwide auction buyers.
Other Dealers
a.k.a. dealer to dealer, here is where our nationwide dealer network shines. When a dealer hasn’t sold their inventory in a profitable amount of time and is facing a costly finance payment, that dealer would rather our Sourcing Sorcerers™ take it off their hands than pay the bank or overcharge their customers.
Private Sources
Our nationwide team of reps vastly enhance our Sourcing Team by scouring places your local dealer couldn’t touch. Here is an example: we use our networks to find a person who is moving and quickly needs to sell their car. We put cash in their pocket as quickly as trading it in, but from the comfort of their home.

PureConcierge: A Look Under the Hood

Our Simple 7: Learn the steps on how to buy your next car


Step #1

Complimentary Consultation and Search

This is where we find out if the car you desire is available in your preferred trim and options (99% of the time this is the case with normal cars and market conditions)

Step #2

Meet Your Concierge

You are assigned a Concierge car expert who will fill you in on retail prices, availability, and walk you through completing your next car’s Dream Sheet

Step #3

Deposit and Agreement

Once your agreement is signed, you place your modest earnest deposit. Then begins your exciting journey with us, where we reveal what lies behind the curtain of the typical sales process. Interested?

Step #4

All Channel Nationwide Search:

This is where our Sourcing Sorcerers work their magic using our unmatched technology and dealer networks. As a dealer, our wholesale channels reach far beyond what a car shopper can see. We see the whole iceberg of available vehicles, and your Concierge stays in constant communication for total transparency.

Step #5

Hassle Free and Risk Free. Our Guarantees:

o    Meet or Beat Price: Your total investment is Guaranteed at or below average retail prices, including open shipping

o    No Questions Asked 11 Day or 1100 mile Buy Back Guarantee: Industry Leading Peace of Mind

o    Late Model Warranty Options: include Factory, Certified Pre-Owned, and Extended Warranties

o    30 Days or Less: Guaranteed delivery to your door, nationwide

Step #6

Paperwork, Payment, and Delivery:

It’s THAT simple. All online process, a seventh of the time, and 100% easy! We accept many forms of payment, arrange door to door shipping (with over 15 cities with personal delivery), and our paperwork is always online for maximum convenience! Remember, we are a trusted nationwide dealer, so we can finance and can accept trade-ins from all over the country.

Step #7

End Result:

Your ideal car delivered to your door. Instead of wasting away in a waiting room for what seems like forever looking for old magazines once your phone dies, get back that 7 hours (the average for the traditional car-buying experience) on your rare day off to do what matters most to you.

Real People Make the Magic Happen

Technology + Concierge Treatment = A Trusted Online Purchase



Nationwide to Your Door: White Glove Delivery & Trusted Transport



Our clients brag for us. Watch their stories:
Frequently Asked Questions
Where will you get my vehicle?

Welcome to the bleeding edge: Unlike any other dealer or competing technology company, we hand-select each vehicle from 3 major national sources. We have unique access to: trusted dealer to dealer sourcing, all major dealer wholesale auction networks (the main method that dealers get their inventory), and most uniquely, our own Pure Pursuit representatives personally search in private party channels in more than 15 major metro areas. Those same reps affect personal deliveries in 15 major metros at your convenience. The end of late-night truck driver deliveries.

How much will my vehicle cost?

We Guarantee you an amazing deal: Your cost will be our actual wholesale cost for purchasing, shipping, and reconditioning; plus our transparent commission. Unlike opaque dealer pricing, you know what we make up front, and that commission is based on nationwide retail average pricing of your desired vehicle. We will send you the actual wholesale invoice on each cost we incur on your behalf, so that you can see exactly what we have paid. We strive for clarity and transparency that no other dealer or tech company can give you. We Guarantee* that our “To Your Door Price™”, even including shipping + our Commission, will be well below nationwide retail average, a number that you will know up front. This price is derived from our analytics software, taken from the real-time market pricing that we can prove. *On normally equipped vehicles, some options or customer preferences may affect pricing. Due to extreme rarity or specific client requirements, we rarely cannot guarantee your price to be below this goal for an average equipped vehicle. Even in these circumstances our commission structure and service level remains the same.

Why do I have to place an earnest deposit to begin my PureConcierge service?

We prefer to do the heavy lifting for you: Your initial search consultation is always complementary to give you a glimpse into the power of one of our unique pricing packages, and to ensure your budget matches your desired vehicle. To begin your personal source and delivery service, we require a minimal $500 earnest deposit to begin sourcing each client’s vehicle and a simple signed contract. These ensure that we get the right vehicle for you.

Why?There are large costs in technology, human capital, and logistics costs that make the magic happen: intensive work and cutting-edge analytics required to locate, purchase, recondition, and deliver a vehicle, using our one of a kind team and technology. Your deposit covers the slightest portion of these upfront costs. Importantly, the deposit is an act of good faith, as Pure Pursuit will purchase your next car no matter where it is located in the country. For whatever reason, if the PureConcierge deal is not able to be completed, the earnest money is used by Pure Pursuit to partially offset some of the real costs required to ship, remarket and sell the contracted vehicle. The legal contract that is used in PureConcierge to protect and guarantee both the client and the Company to ensure that each PureConcierge deal is completed with an amazing outcome.

What if the vehicle shows up and is not what I expected?

As many Guarantees as possible: Before we begin the process of sourcing a new client’s dream vehicle, we enter an earnest contract to protect both parties. In this simple contract, we outline the ideal vehicle and must-haves that our client wishes to own. In the event that a vehicle is delivered that is materially different than described in the earnest contract, or arrives in a condition that is not reasonably disclosed or expected, the client has the right to deny delivery of the vehicle at the cost of Pure Pursuit. We will then source a different vehicle on behalf of the client. We will normally catch a problem with any wholesale purchased vehicle and return it well prior to any client seeing it. For our clients’ peace of mind, we offer a money-back guarantee on all PureConcierge vehicles for the day of delivery as well as a 100 mile driving guarantee. Finally, we will attempt to source vehicles that are still under factory or extended factory warranty at all times to further protect our clients.

What kind of vehicles can you source for me?

We are able to source any type of vehicle you wish to own. If your dream car was built in the configurations you wish to own, we can source it! Generally we prefer to source vehicles that are still under their respective factory warranty to ensure that in the rare event that something does happen you will have the safety net of falling back on that warranty for your repairs.

I have a trade and live out of state, how can this work?

We accept all trades, and even if you live out of state we can appraise your vehicle and make a deal with you! If we are not able to see your trade in person we will get some general information from you regarding the vehicle, and offer you an initial floor price. We will at our cost arrange to have a 3rd party inspector to come to you and provide us a completely independent inspection so that we can increase the trade value of your vehicle. We are able to do this regardless of where you live in the US.

Do you finance my PureConcierge car?

We are able to secure financing for all our clients, and are willing to work with your personal lenders as well. If you happen to live in Missouri or Kansas we can provide direct lending through UMB bank.

Can I only place an order for a sport-luxury car?

You may place an order for any type of vehicle you wish to own. As long as it was made, we can source it!

How can I see proof that this process works well? (testimonials)

Check out our reviews, either on our website or search “Pure Pursuit Reviews” on Google to see what our previous clients have had to say about their experience.

How can I learn more information on the process?

Call: 816-659-3027 Email: or Text: 816-892-0741 to speak to a real person 24/7

I don’t want to wait a month. What might be the shortest time my car could be completed?

We give ourselves a 30 day window to source and deliver your vehicle, because some of the vehicles we are asked to source are quite rare. We have sourced a vehicle, reconditioned and delivered it 800+ miles away from its original location in 9 days! So, it can be done quickly as well.

What can I expect at delivery?

If you live in one of the cities that we have a representative, you will have a member of the Pure Pursuit team personally deliver your vehicle to you when it arrives! This person will ensure you are fully comfortable with your new vehicle before they leave. Your vehicle will arrive with a state issued 30 day temporary tag. This allows you to start driving immediately, and you can go to your state registration office at your convenience. Unfortunately, we do not yet have representatives in all locals. In this instance you will be given the contact information with the transport driver to arrange the best delivery time for you.


Let’s search together for your next car.

From Maseratis to Minivans, we find it for you.


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